Your first visit
Welcome to our dental garden!

Our specially trained pediatric dental staff works hard every day to make each child feel comfortable and have fun. Our best reward? A healthy grin!

An open environment

New patients are typically seen in our open-concept hygiene bay with other children present. This gives younger children an opportunity to observe older children that are more comfortable at the dentist as well as allows siblings to stay together. We also found that it creates a less intimidating environment for children with anxiety about going to the dentist. Parents are encouraged to come back with their child and participate in their care.

Our routine check-up

Your child will have their teeth professionally cleaned (tickled by the toothbrush) and examined (counted while playfully singing the ABC’s). If dental x-rays (pictures of their smile) are necessary, we’ll take care of those too.

After the exam, we will provide thorough information covering topics such as preventative care, future growth and development, and answer any questions that you have.

Good to know

  • First visits generally last 30-40 minutes and are scheduled throughout the day.
  • We encourage our youngest patients to be seen earlier in the morning when they are fresh and ready for the day.
  • For patients with immediate dental problems causing pain, Dr. Diana will focus on this problem and likely postpone routine care such as dental cleaning for a later visit.

When you leave we want you to feel confident in our care and the commitment Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry has made to your child’s oral health. And we hope your child is happily looking forward to their next visit!