Office policies


We could sum up our office policies pretty simply: make each child comfortable and give them the best care for their specific dental needs. We know that parents like to know more details though (after all Dr. Diana is a parent herself).  A few of our more important office policies:

We encourage parent involvement.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s care. During the first visit we will provide thorough information covering topics such as preventative care, future growth and development, and answer any questions that you have. For all future regular check-up appointments you are again invited back with your child. If you decide to stay in the waiting room we will take time at the end of the appointment to review the care your child received and any recommendations we might have.

We make appointments as convenient as possible.

Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry understands the complexity of children’s schedules these days. We aim to schedule appointments at your convenience and when the appropriate amount of time is available. We’ve found that our littlest patients have the most successful visits when scheduled earlier in the morning. Older children with routine care can be scheduled easily throughout the day.

We accept appointment changes if given 24 hours in advance.

We also understand schedules change! Please call our office or send an email through our appointment form on our website 24 hours in advance if your child will be unable to make their appointment.

We can help you get your dental records.

We have friendly faces in the billing office too.

Learn more about our insurance and billing policies.

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